The foundation of Topaz Group is based on its services. As a client focused organisation, the services we provide are paramount to the success of any development project, from inception to delivery.

A Turnkey Process

Once a property is acquired, Topaz Group can be engaged to manage the process from DA Design through to Construction Delivery. A true turnkey service.

Topaz Group can be engaged at any stage of the turnkey process, however being involved in the early stages will ensure a more successful project outcome.

Planning & Development

We understand that successful developments require a collaborative approach. All development partners are kept informed of the development process through transparency and via a tailored reporting structure suited to partners or investors requirements. Topaz Group can offer a Planning & Development Project Management (Consultancy) agreement custom to your development.


The early engagement of Topaz Group facilitates many benefits for all stakeholders. Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) allows for better integration and coordination of interior and services designs, review of buildability and structure, evaluation of construction details, review of cost-effective equivalent materials and to simply look at how we can do things better. These are just some of the benefits with the ECI process. Topaz Group can offer a ECI agreement custom to your development and/or convert as part of a design and construct agreement for construction.


Topaz Group can offer the following construction service agreements:

  • Early Contractor Involvement ECI
  • Design and Construct (D&C)
  • Lump Sum
  • Cost Plus Construction Management
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price